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The Volunteer Reporter is the best volunteer management database available.

The Volunteer Reporter
Version 6.1

In version 6.1 of the Volunteer Reporter, we have added new featues and fields to make managing your database of volunteers, stations, jobs, and hours even easier and more intuitive than before. By adding dozens of new, optional, user-defined fields, you have the capability to track any piece of information about your project, no matter how obscure.

For our customers managing RSVPs, FGPs, and SCPs, we have added unique fields recently required by the Corporation for National and Community Service including Objective, Service Activity, and Primary Placements. Since these new fields don't apply to our other customers like hospitals, food banks, museums, parks, and libraries, it's super easy to turn them off and not worry about them.

Read about all of the new features or watch a short video about them.

Canadian Pricing

Our Canadian customers can now pay in either US or Canadian dollars at the same price, when paying by check. We now accept payment in Canadian dollars equal with US dollars. Learn more about paying with Canadian and other currencies on our Prices page.

Independent Review

The Volunteer Reporter recently received a nice review from the Volunteer Management Report in the February 2009 issue. They interview a RSVP program coordinator in Minnesota who uses and likes the Reporter. She calls it "an invaluable tool." You can read a reprint of the entire review here.

Web Assistant

Now your volunteers can enter their hours from home. The Web Assistant collects hours, accepts new applications, and posts job opportunities via the Internet. It's an add-on module for the Volunteer Reporter that seamlessly integrates with your existing web page enabling volunteers to enter hours from home. You then accept the hours without any additional data entry. Learn more about the Web Assistant and try it out for yourself.

Kudos to Volunteer Software

A new book for computer programmers has singled out the Volunteer Reporter as an example of how to design a good user interface. The dBASE Book, Developing Windows Applications with dBASE PLUS by Ken Mayer is a technical reference written to help programmers design better software. It uses our volunteer screen to illustrate how to design a data entry screen that makes it easy to find a volunteer, view their information, and add new volunteers.

Our Story

Volunteer Software has been a leader in volunteer management software development since 1986. Serving hospitals, Senior Corps programs, volunteer centers, schools, museums, non-profits and NGO's around the globe, we have helped managers organize their volunteers with ease through our computer program -- the Volunteer Reporter.

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