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What’s New v6.4

What’s New in v6.4 Volunteer Reporter v6.4   Large Fonts You can choose to increase the size of the screen

What’s New v6.3

What’s New in v6.3 Volunteer Reporter v6.3 Electronic Documents Now you can attach documents to volunteers, stations, and jobs in

Station Types Utility

After upgrading the Reporter to version 5.5, you may get a message to upgrade your Station Types, too. You may

Startup Options

When you first start the Reporter, you can press one of several F keys quickly to force the Reporter to

Web Assistant Specs & Security

Web Assistant Requirements Management from within the Volunteer Reporter. We send your links for you to incorporate into your existing

Web Assistant Firewall

When people first do a send-and-receive in the Web Assistant, they sometimes get a message to make a firewall exception:

VPN Issues

We never recommend using the Volunteer Reporter over VPN, but some organizations successfully use the Reporter that way. Although we

Touch-Screen Assistant Calibration

Touch screen calibration explanation borrowed from three sites: Touch-screen input devices are actually entirely separate devices from the display screens