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Change Font Size

You can choose to increase the size of the screen fonts used throughout the Reporter. Change the font size on the new View menu.

View Menu

Changing Colors

Colors can be for more than just cosmetic appearance. Some people might need high contrast colors to see the screen well while the rest of us can use good color choices to make the Reporter easier to use in subtle ways. For example, the list of volunteers is highlighted whenever it has focus. This helps prevent losing the cursor as you add and edit volunteers.

The Reporter does not use custom colors, but instead uses the color settings from the display properties of your computer. Every computer has color settings that you can change. To change your computer’s colors right click on any empty spot of the desktop and select Properties. This opens the Display Properties screen. Click on the Appearance tab. From here we can either change individual colors one at a time or pick an entire new scheme of colors.

One particular color to focus on is the ToolTip color. That’s the color that is used by the Reporter to highlight several lists and fields. If you’re not seeing highlighting or you want higher contrast highlighting, change either the ToolTip color (background) or the font color (foreground) for ToolTips.

You can also set a visual theme from the View menu. A theme consists of a set of colors, shading, and other subtleties of how windows and icons are displayed. Pick one you like.

Theme Menu