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Trouble Connecting to the Data

If you are having trouble connecting to the data on the network, here’s a setup checklist to consider.

  • Sometimes you have to “wake up” the Windows network connection by connecting to the drive in My Computer or Network.
  • Verify that the data folder itself, not a parent folder, and inherited folders, give each workstation user full Read and Right permissions.
  • Sometimes the IT administrator needs to logout and log back in as the user.
  • Make sure the software is pointing to the right data folder on the right domain. Sometimes there are stray, obsoleted data folders.
  • Try an absolute path if a mapped path doesn’t work.
  • If it’s the Touch-Screen Assistant verify the right version for the current Volunteer Reporter.
  • Reboot.
  • Rarely, make a new data folder and Restore into that. See Migrate Data.

Terminal Server Installations

We don’t have the networking information to help much but keep these points in mind:

  • Each user of the Reporter/Touch-Screen Assistant requires a separate instance of software installation. They cannot share the software executable.
  • All users connect to a single data folder.
  • Verify the Reporter is installed in the proper folder for 64bit computers, not on the root of C:\.

Trouble Reindexing

  • Verify the Reporter is installed in C:\Program Files or C:\Program Files (x86) for 64bit computers.
  • Try deleting all the indexes (.mdx) to force the Reporter to reindex.
  • Verify user’s full Read and Write access to the data folder.
  • Get the latest patches in Help | Live Update.
  • Sometimes the IT administrator needs to logout and log back in as the user.
  • Check for software conflicts, Windows update changes, antivirus update changes.
  • Some large networks disallow reindexing.
  • A workaround is to Reindex in a local folder and copy all the .dbt and .dbf tables plus the .mdx indexes into the server data folder. See Migrate Data.