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Here’s an example for adding a reference code for stations that are faith based.

Go to: Reference Codes | Assign Field Names


Make a Faith Based Code field

Find a free Code Field and type “Faith Based” into it. An unused code field will say Code Field 1 or Code Field 2 for both the label and the value.


Click OK

Enter a value of yes for the Faith Based code field

Open: Reference Codes | Station Codes | Faith Based

Click: Add | type: Yes | click: OK | click: Close


Use the code in your database

Reporter | Stations
Select Yes in the Faith Based field for each Faith Based station

Run the Station Statistics Report

After you have those values entered for the stations in your database, you can get the number of faith based stations in the statistics report:

Reports | Statistics | Station Statistics.

[Version 5.5 of the Reporter added more code fields.]