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Terminated Volunteers

In general, the Reporter excludes terminated volunteers from reports. The exceptions are reports about Hours—those reports include those volunteers who served hours during the specified period of time, even if they are terminated. So, you should not be seeing terminated volunteers on most reports. The other exception, of course, is the Terminated Volunteers report.


You cannot filter to exclude volunteers with a particular cause of termination so that those with deceased or death as a cause will NOT appear on any reports. This is because the Reporter filters on things to include, not to exclude.

You could isolate those deceased volunteers with a filter so that you would recognize them on the report as long as the volunteers’ cause of termination is properly recorded when each volunteer is terminated.

1. Go to Filters | Add Filter | name it | Save
On the Volunteer Limits tab select: Termination Cause | Edit Limitation | select the cause to get a double arrow beside it | Save.

2. Select: Include Terminated Volunteers? | Edit Limitation | Select Yes | Save.

You would not need step 2 if you were running a Terminated Volunteers report.

Cause of Termination List Revision

By the way, we have removed some old Corporation ambiguous causes of termination and edited the list to be included with new data sets of the Reporter in version 5.5.

  • Death
  • Dissatisfaction
  • Employment
  • Family Issues
  • Health Problems
  • Income over Limit
  • Moved
  • New Interests
  • Poor Performance
  • Snowbird
  • Transportation Probs.

These causes are just suggestions. You could change yours, too, in the Reference Codes if you wanted to. The trick is that a code cannot be deleted if it is in use.

  1. Edit all old codes that don’t match the new codes with z as first letter.
  2. Add the new, better codes.
  3. Go thru the Inactive volunteers | Dates & Info tab, and edit all the z causes to new codes.
  4. Then delete all the z codes.

Original default causes of termination [5.4 and <]:

  • Dissatisfaction
  • Emp/Mov/Fam/Int/Act [other interests/activity]
  • Health/Deceased
  • Moved
  • Other
  • Poor Performance
  • Snow bird
  • Transportation Probs.

Changing from Death/Health to Separate Causes

You can add categories to the Termination Cause. In this case, you might edit the termination cause Death/Health by putting an x before the value, so it will read x-Death/Health and go to the bottom of the list, not to be used any more. It will remain in use since you might not know any more which of your terminated people in that category left for which reason, you will always have some people using the Corporation’s old ambiguous term.

After you add e.g., Deceased, and a second category e.g., Illness, you will be able to more accurately designate the cause of termination from then on.

To add categories: Click on Reference Codes | Causes-of-Termination Add | and type a new category.

Any changes to the Reference Codes will not display on the Volunteer screen until you close and reopen Volunteers to refresh the data.