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Reply to Messages in the Web Assistant InBox

When you want to reply to an applicant who applies via the Web Assistant, first approve that person so the person will have a record in the Reporter.

  • [A] Capture the information in a message on the Messages – Inbox tab
  • [B] Reply to the applicant.

In the Web Assistant, first approve the applicant on the Applicants tab and jot down that person’s name.

  1. Highlight the applicant’s message on the Messages tab.
  2. Click REPLY.
  3. Select and copy the body of the message to the clipboard [Ctrl-C].
  4. Close the message.
  5. Open Volunteers section with the volunteers icon.  icon_volunteers
  6. Find the volunteer’s record.
  7. Click the email icon. icon_email
  8. A blank email opens with the person’s address in the To: field.
  9. Paste the text into the email’s body [use either Ctrl-V, or Edit menu | Paste, or right-click and paste].
  10. Complete the email by typing your message above the applicant’s message.

You might also Edit the volunteer’s record and paste the volunteer’s message into the comments field. Some coordinators then designate the applicant’s acceptance status with a custom code.