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What’s New in v6.3

Volunteer Reporter v6.3

Electronic Documents

Now you can attach documents to volunteers, stations, and jobs in order to move towards a more paperless office. Drag documents onto the grid to add them or click the Add Document button. Double click on a document to open it. Right click to open a popup menu. You can attach any kind of document to a volunteer, station, or job including pdfs, images, photos, Word letters, and Excel spreadsheets. When making a backup of your data from within the Reporter, you can choose to include these documents in the backup, but if you do, it will make your backup file much larger.

Electronic documents

Automatically Update Jobs

When a station’s address or contact information changes you can choose to automatically update all of the station’s jobs with the same change. If the contact’s phone changes, make the change for the station and then click on the Update Jobs button to pass that change on to all of the station’s jobs.

Automatically Update Jobs

Hours Active Only Checkbox

On the Hours grid screen and the Hours tab of the Volunteer, Job, and Station screens, a new checkbox Active Only limits the display to only those hours served at placements that are currently active. For example, if a placement was terminated last month, any hours served at that placement will not be listed. They are still included on all reports, just not shown on the screen.

Hours Active Only

Placements Pop-Up Menu

On the Placements tab of the Volunteer and Job screens, a right click opens a shortcut menu to work with the current placement.

Placements Pop-up menu

Hours Pop-Up Menu

On the Hours tab of the Volunteer, Job, and Station screens, a right click opens a shortcut menu to work with hours.

Hours Pop-up menu

New Hours Served report, Primary Placement vs. Non-Primary

This new report splits out hours into two columns: hours served at a volunteer’s primary placement and hours served at placements that are not primary. This report meshes well with the new report in 6.2, Service Activity Statistics. You can run that report to include just primary placements or not. This new report shows where the differences are when running the Service Activity Statistics with and without the primary placements checked. This example is in order by Service Activity, but it can also be run in order by Volunteer, Station, Station and Job, and Job and Station.

New hours served report

New Focus Area Objectives and Service Activities

For RSVPs, the Reporter includes one new Focus Area Objective and twenty one new Service Activities from the Corporation for National and Community Service. For Senior Companion Programs, there is now one new Focus Area Objective and seven new Service Activities and for Foster Grandparent Programs there are three new Focus Area Objectives and fifteen new Service Activities.

President’s Volunteer Service Award Spreadsheet

Changed the spreadsheet so that it writes “Adults” instead of “Adult”. This was to meet a requirement from the Corporation for National and Community Service for federal projects using this spreadsheet.

Primary Placements Report

This report can now be run for just primary placements. In addition, it now only includes active, non-terminated volunteers.

Job Counts

Until now, job counts could only be kept for impact jobs. Now you can collect two additional counts when entering hours for any job, whether it is an impact job or not. The statistics report called Impact Job Counts has been renamed to Job Counts. It includes any job with additional counts whether or not they are impact jobs. This report is available now whether or not impact is turned on in preferences. Hours Spreadsheets will include columns for job counts no matter whether impact jobs are turned on. On hours grids, it doesn’t matter whether impact jobs are turned on, just whether they are using job counts as to whether the count columns are showing. Timesheets no longer care whether impact jobs are on or off, just whether we are using count fields.

Placement Changes

The Placements screen has been reworked to closely match the capabilities on the placement tabs of the volunteer and job screens. You can now uncheck any placement as being the primary placement. It used to be that every volunteer had a primary placement, but now you can make it so that a volunteer has no primary placement. When adding placements, you can mark is as primary.

Fully Compatible with Windows 10

The Volunteer Reporter will correctly work on Windows Vista, 7, 8, or 10.

Dymo Labels

If you have a Dymo label printer and you are running the Reporter on Windows 10, you can only print to your Dymo printer if you have the most recent version of the  Dymo Label Software, version 8.5.3 or later. You can download this software for free from the Dymo website,