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What’s New in v6.4

Volunteer Reporter v6.4


Large Fonts

You can choose to increase the size of the screen fonts used throughout the Reporter. Change the font size on the new View menu.

View Menu


View Menu

In addition to changing the font size, you can set other options that affect the look of the Reporter including toolbars, tabbar, themes, and the home screen.


Visual Themes

Choose one of the preset themes to change the colors of the Reporter.

Theme Menu


Home Screen

Customize the home screen to include just the buttons you want to use and in the order you want.

Customize Home Screen



The optional tabbar is positioned right below the toolbar. Each open window automatically gets a tab on the tabbar. This can be handy when you have several windows open at once because you can click on a tab to switch to a different window.



Flex Add Hours

We added a new option when adding hours called Flex Add. It enables you to add new hours for any volunteer serving at any job. Other options for adding hours can be more efficient for large sets of hours, but Flex Add is great for a single hours record that didn’t get entered with the rest.

Flex Add Hours


Reports and Spreadsheets

All of the reports and spreadsheets are now listed in a separate window which enables a lot more flexibility and ease of use. You can scroll through the list one by one and read a short description of the report. You can also mark your favorites to find them easily later. Double clicking on a report will open it.

Reports Screen


Icons and Section Names

On the Preferences screen, you can now change the name of any section of the Reporter as well as choose the icon used to represent the section. For example, if you never work with clients, you can change the name for the Jobs/Clients section to be just “Jobs”.

Icon Choosing


Setup Wizard

New users to the Reporter can run a short wizard to help them customize the Reporter to exactly suit their needs. This new wizard is located on the Preferences screen.

Setup Wizard



Also located on the Preferences screen is a new tab with options for emailing from the Reporter. These options enable easier and more capable emailing to your volunteers whether you use Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, or any other email program. You also have the option to use our new, built-in email program which is quite capable and easy to use.

Emailing Options


Email Documents

You can email documents easily to your volunteers or jobs. On either the volunteer or job screen, select the Documents tab, and click on the Export button to start an email message with the document already attached.



We have completely reworked schedules to make them more useful and powerful. A calendar view of schedules is located on a separate tab on both the Volunteer and Jobs/Clients screens. Using schedules is very intuitive. Click on any single day to get more detail about the day as well as add schedules on that day. Duplicate schedules on either a daily or weekly basis. Print schedules, email them, and even export them to Google calendar.



New Report: Web Assistant Applicants

On the Applicants tab of the Web Assistant, you now have the option to print a one page report containing all of the applicants information.


New Report: Lifetime Hours Differences

This report compares lifetime hours to the sum total of all hours on file. Differences are the result of running the file utility to “Delete Old Data” and by editing lifetime hours.


Modified Report: Volunteer Statistics

The Volunteer Statistics report has an additional break of annual hours with different levels as required by FGPs and SCPs.


Modified Spreadsheet: Volunteers, Stations, and Jobs

On the Volunteers, Stations, and Jobs spreadsheet, we have added an additional column indicating whether the placement is primary or not.