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July 9, 2019

Over the July 4th holiday weekend, our email provider closed up shop. Shut down their computers and disconnected their phone. No advanced notice, just shut down operations and stopped sending our email to us. What kind of person would do that? It’s a head scratcher.

Anyway, after fifteen years with them, we quickly switched to a new email provider. The trouble is that we completely lost emails sent to us over the weekend and during the first part of this week. And we may still be losing emails this week.

Some of you may have experienced this problem when you switch either email provider or the hosting company for your web site. It can take days for the changes to propagate throughout the Internet. It means that someone in Atlanta may be able to email us, while someone in Sacramento can’t for another day or two.

The end result is that we are mostly back on-line and connected to the web again. If you have tried to contact us, but haven’t heard back, try again or give us a call at 800-391-9446.

Sorry for any lost or delayed communication.