Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Sometimes we may ask for a copy of your data in order to troubleshoot a problem.

When sending data to us you are using technology from Hightail.com. The transfer is secure, HIPAA Compliant, and GLB Act Compliant.

  1. Communicate with us so that we can expect your data.
  2. In the Reporter, make a backup of your data. Remember where you put it.
  3. Drag the backup file into the area below or click on My Computer below to browse for it.
  4. After adding the backup file, it will enable you to enter your name, email, and a message to us.
  5. Scroll down in the window and click on Upload.

Hi Volunteer Reporter!  I want to give a quick shout-out to the technical support staff.  They are top quality service material!  They solved my issue quickly and are VERY knowledgeable about your program!
John McCormack