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People Helping People

Hi Volunteer Reporter!  I want to give a quick shout-out to the technical support staff.  They are top quality service material!  They solved my issue quickly and are VERY knowledgeable about your program!

John McCormack Systems Analyst, TechMD

We here at the Foster Grandparent Program use a program named Volunteer Reporter. It is very useful and has everything and more that we could want. The nice thing is that the customer service is outstanding and will help you in a very timely manner. I have never had to wait! In addition, their prices are so affordable you can’t afford not to allow them to do all the work for you. All you need is to enter the volunteer’s information. I highly recommend this program for anyone that wants something easy yet allows very diverse reporting, labeling, letters, etc.

Rebecca Maletto Foster Grandparent Program, American Red Cross Pittsburgh, PA

The term “technical support” usually sends chills down my spine—except when  I contact Kyle for help with Volunteer Reporter! I am so  impressed by her professional manner and expert product  knowledge. She has the unique ability to explain things in a manner that is easy to understand and she does not quit until she is sure the issue is resolved.  Thank you for consistently providing excellent support!

Deborah S. Palumbos Program Director, RSVP, Lifespan of Greater Rochester, Inc. Rochester, NY

We have been using Volunteer Reporter Software for at least 12 years and are satisfied customers!

Our RSVP project is large, with over 1800 active volunteers and 150 worksites; we require a database that can handle this capacity—your product does this very well.

Just this morning, our IT staff loaded the 6.0 version. Our three RSVP staff members are using it now. When I overheard Janice’s praise, I asked her to e-mail me so that I could forward to you.

Thank you for continuing to provide an excellent product, plus offering outstanding customer support. We appreciate the annual updates, as they improve the database.

Also a final comment—we are grateful that you have kept the pricing both fair and affordable.

Sandra Lawrensen Director, RSVP San Diego, CA

The new reporter software is very professional looking and I appreciate it. As a former, computer programmer, I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that went into producing this update and without any bugs. How impressive! It will be wonderful to work with this software.

Janice Fuqua Staff, RSVP San Diego, CA

I need to mention this to you as I was gone for two weeks after they installed our upgrade. I have now had a chance to work with it for a bit and need to let you know it is the BEST upgrade I have ever experienced. So much easier and smoother, thank you, thank you!

Mindy Dembroge Retired Senior Volunteer Program, RSVP Reno, NV

Nice updates, by the way. I really like them. You’re not flipping through the tabs, you’re scrolling down through.

L. Colleen Steinberg RSVP Program Coordinator, YWCA Bloomington, IL

I love your upgrade to 6.0. They did a great job and I find it very easy to use. I had some filters and everything and it just MOVED.

Lynn Collins Southern New Hampshire Services Manchester, NH

There is such great software. I absolutely love it. I’ve used lots of software and this is my favorite.

Teresa Huff Volunteer Coordinator, RSVP Fargo, ND

By the way, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You folks at VolSoft rock! I tell everybody that this is the best software that came down the pike.

Ava C. Stilwell Project Director, Pulaski County RSVP Pulaski, VA

I love you guys! I love being able to see the volunteer’s pictures and I also love that I can update the value wage in one spot! You guys rock!

Keep up the great work!

Dana Songster Director, North Platte Area Retired & Senior Volunteer Program North Platte, NE

We use Volunteer Reporter and it works great. They have the best support line of any place I’ve ever dealt with. I give them a thumbs up.

Marsha King RSVP of NWA Springdale, AR

I’ve used Volunteer Reporter for nine years and I really like it. The technical assistance is great – quick response, polite people who are very patient. I was extremely impressed with their response to requests for changes/additions to the software. Spent a great deal of time making the decision of which software to purchase and I’ve always been satisfied with my choice.

Susan Peacock Reehl WestArk RSVP Fort Smith, AR

I purchased it when at another hospice and found it to be most successful so now I am at a different hospice and we have been fortunate to receive funding to get the same programme here.

Alison Crafar Mary Potter Hospice Wellington, New Zealand

As always, the help from Volunteer Software is tremendous – as though you are right there in my head knowing exactly what I’m asking.

Connie Beachy RSVP of Somerset County Somerset, PA

I have been using Volunteer Reporter and now use their online reporting system (Web Assistant) where volunteers or stations can add hours through my website and I have to say my hours being reported have increased by at least 20% (guessing). It has saved me and my volunteer coordinator hours of work. Every morning we simply review the hours reported and then simply “accept” them and they all are downloaded right into our database! Takes five minutes! Volunteers can apply that way too.

Susan Contreras Capitol Region RSVP Providence, RI

Volunteer Software is responsive regarding technical issues and very helpful with support questions.

Steve Trahan Information Systems Division, East Valley Senior Services Mesa, AZ

We use Volunteer Reporter and have been extremely happy with the program and technical support. We have been using Volunteer Reporter for about 3 years now. All reports and statistics we generate with Reporter coincide with the needed documentation for reporting in grants, FSR’s, etc. Also, we are given regular upgrades, so the program is constantly improving itself. The support team has always been very friendly and helpful to resolve any problems. We also love that workstation managers can enter their own hours via our website using the Web Assistant feature in Reporter.

Julia Traweek Program Director, RSVP Sherman, TX

The Volunteer Reporter is very user friendly and you can track just about anything you want to with it!

Traci Pondick Director, RSVP Gadsden, AL

The “Reporter” software program we use here at the East Bay Volunteer Center has been such a gift to have as a resource, not just for me, but for the business, too. It is so easy to use. I am not a computer person. It’s a thrill to have this user friendly software. Also regarding the technical support, they are so available, so friendly, and they speak English. I appreciate that the tech support always picks up on the first or second ring, they are quick, friendly, and immediately know how to take care of what ever I am trying to prepare. No matter what it is: special reports, spreadsheet information, filtered mailing lists or anything else.

Kay Schroeder The Volunteer Center Walnut Creek, CA

We enjoy working with you and love the software. Your support is outstanding… I can’t imagine running a volunteer program any other way than by using your Reporter!!! Thanks for always being there! And your patience… I really appreciate!!!

Deborah Berning RSVP Volunteers United Ortonville, MN

If you are in the market to upgrade or purchase new volunteer software to manage your database then you may want to read on. We recently purchased the Volunteer Reporter from a company called Volunteer Software in Missoula, Montana. We had been using Voltrak since it came out and we are just so pleased with our new software. It is very user friendly, inexpensive, runs a multitude of customized reports, they offer free data conversion from your old system, on-line tutorials, touch-screen sign in, which the volunteers love, and their customer service and technical support are unbelievable! I would highly recommend contacting them. They offer a free trial which gives you a hands on look at all of the great features of this program. P.S. This is just my own humble opinion – no promotional fees were paid by the company!

Jen Kopar Allegheny General Hospital Pittsburgh, PA

We have had Volunteer Reporter in our system now for about 4 months and are doing just fine. Their manual, downloaded from their demo disk, does a good job of helping you through the system. It was not clear from the initial demo disk that the manual was in the disk itself but we found it and downloaded it quickly. Calling Montana occasionally, we found them very helpful. We had another system before and while it was good as well, the Volunteer Reporter worked better for us. We are still learning, also, but with not too much pain. Have found the system more comprehensive that we needed but still really workable.

Stan Nielsen Meriter Hospital Madison, WI

I have been using the Volunteer Reporter for a while now and I have found it to be very useful! Also, the Volunteer Software Tech Support is very useful, just give them a call. After all, you are paying for it!

Billie Brown Simpson County RSVP Mendenhall, MS

I just had to write to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed working with you over the past 5 years since our organization started using the Volunteer Reporter.

Volunteer Reporter has served our needs since day one and you have always been timely, knowledgeable, and the same voice on the other end of the phone each and every time I’ve had a question. I’m sure you know how important that is when you have a technical issue – that someone knows your organization’s history and is technically astute as well as personally great to deal with.

I did not have to call very often (because Reporter is a good program!), but when I did I was always glad you were on the other end.

Judy Lykins Volunteer Coordinator, The Jeremiah Program Minneapolis, MN

I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate the help I receive from the support desk. Your staff is undoubtedly the most helpful and pleasant support people I have ever worked with. Most “support” people are computer “geeks” that talk down to their clients; your folks definitely do not fall into that category.

When I started in this position, I learned the Reporter by trial and error and your employees never made me feel “dumb”. Your staff has always been extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

I just thought you should know.

Ruth White Volunteer Coordinator, RSVP Mansfield, OH

I just want to thank you and your staff for your professionalism and support. You respond to telephone calls promptly and your continual upgrades assist us in keeping our data up to date as needed. Again sincerest appreciation!

Dolores Schwertner Director, Concho Valley RSVP San Angelo, TX

By the way, I was recently at the Southern California Directors meeting and your ears must have been burning because we were all talking about you. Everyone is so pleased with the support you give. We all had something to say about your responsiveness and helpfulness and kindness. If there were directors present who do not have your software, I’m sure they will want to purchase it. Thanks for all you do and the great way you do it!

Cindy Powers Director, Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, Thousand Oaks, CA

I hadn’t run the Total Enrollment report yet on the new update. I just love the way the information is laid out. Thanks for the easy to read and follow update.

Karen Alvstad Communities Action West Central, MN

Since 1990 we’ve used the Reporter to be more productive creating job descriptions, matching volunteers with jobs using the skills bank, and tracking volunteer hours. Entry and report creation is straightforward and intuitive. This has allowed us to delegate the work from staff to volunteers with no loss of accuracy. I can’t imagine running a Volunteer Center or RSVP without it.

Chris Sullivan Director, Volunteer Center & RSVP Olympia, WA

I had to mention that the Volunteer Reporter has been a wonderful alternative to years of frustration with a software nightmare. Since we have been using the Reporter, tracking volunteers, reporting and so much more has become easy and effortless with a minimal amount of training. They have been very prompt in helping out with any questions or technical assistance one might have.

I could not be more pleased and have now gotten the program for our satellite office as well. I looked at several other software programs over a two year period before deciding on this one. It is a very user friendly program.

Again, I firmly endorse this program and for the first time in many years we are happy with our software!!!!

Nan Hart Director, RSVP and the Volunteer Center Rutland, VT

Just to add to the already glowing reports on the RSVP Reporter Program, We have had this program for some time, and recently upgraded. It is a very useful program with many capabilities, modeled exclusively for RSVP and similar volunteer programs. It includes the main database, labels, hours, work stations and job sites, job site supervisors, time within the program, mileage and so on and so fourth.

It is so versatile in reporting you can basically report on any facet of information you’ve entered in the computer. For instance, you want to know how many inactive volunteers have left for a certain reason, you can report down to a single detail. The program also covers ethnicity, transportation, multiple jobs and such. It’s not difficult to use, you can also secure it with a password, and maintain a very up to date catalogue of active volunteers.

The latest version includes the entire ‘IMPACT’ five element gobbledygook, and has proven to be a necessary item in the office. Insofar as the profile of the RSVP projects, it’s as simple as pressing a few keys.

The staff of Volunteer Software are polite, and wonderfully helpful. Look into it. It’s perfect for RSVP as well as any other volunteer based agency. I recommend the RSVP Reporter with my own personal ‘Thumbs Up’ to any RSVP program looking to move from cumbersome files and notebooks.

Stephanie Peteranecz YVC Dir., Merrimack Valley Community Service Corps Lawrence, MA

We really like the program. It has been easy to use for both the staff and volunteers. We can track new volunteers, dropped volunteers, mileage reimbursement, agency requests and federal reports.

Lara Bartol Benton Franklin Volunteer Center Kenenwick, WA

We at the Salina County (Kansas) RSVP use the Reporter and have found it quite good. There is an even newer and improved version due out soon, and other exciting developments in the company which produces it – Volunteer Software in Missoula, Montana. I would recommend giving them a call.

Nancy Klostermeyer Salina, KS

Volunteer Software from Missoula, Montana has an excellent software package called The Volunteer Reporter. I have it and a number of other Minnesota projects are purchasing it. I love the Reporter! It runs through Windows and is very user friendly. Unlimited report capabilities, even Impact Statements. Try it.

Kathy Esson Duluth Area RSVP Duluth, MN

Thanks again! This is the best responding tech support I’ve seen in a long time!

Julie McNamara Decatur, IL