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People Helping People

We try to price the Volunteer Reporter reasonably so it can be afforded by most small organizations who need it. We generously charge only one price for use by any number of people within a single office. It doesn’t matter how many people access the Reporter at the same time, if they are all in one office there is no extra charge. Even if you keep multiple sets of volunteer data within your office, we don’t charge extra.

We try to be generous, but we require you purchase an extra copy of the Reporter for every office. It doesn’t matter if that additional office is across town, across the street, or even upstairs in the same building, if it is an extra office, it needs a separate copy of the Reporter.

With the advent of the Internet and wide area networking, the definition of an office is sometimes blurry. We have come up with a description that makes it simple and clear. The following is copied right from our license agreement.

Office Definition

You may use the Volunteer Reporter on any number of computers within a single office. Any number of people within that single office may use the Volunteer Reporter at the same time. You may use the Volunteer Reporter to access any number of data sets within that single office.
You must purchase an additional copy of the Volunteer Reporter for use in each additional office. Each additional office is defined by either being in a separate building or having a separate telephone number. It does not matter if the additional office is on the same computer network, or shares the same set of data, or is staffed by the same people, or shares the same funding source, if it is in a separate building or has a separate telephone number, you must purchase an additional copy of the Volunteer Reporter for it.


To make it easy for you we offer deep discounts for buying multiple copies of the Volunteer Reporter. Call us for details, 800.391.9446.