Volunteer Software

People Helping People

First, try Live Update, the easy way to patch the Volunteer Reporter. It works for almost everyone, is automatic and simple. In the Reporter, click on Help | Live Update and the Reporter will automatically check for any new updates.

The following procedure is only for those without an Internet or network connection on the computer with the Reporter.

If you don’t own version 5.5 of the Volunteer Reporter, this patch won’t run and won’t do you any good at all. You can tell what version you have by clicking Help | About.


  1. Print these instructions and use them as a checklist.
  2. Download the 5.5j Patch File and save it to a diskette or a USB flash drive. It’s very small.
  3. Determine exactly where your copy of the Volunteer Reporter is installed by right clicking on the Reporter icon vslogo32 and then clicking on Properties.
    Circle the value of the “Start In” field (it can be different for every computer):
  4. Use “My Computer” to view and run the patch program, vr55j.exe.
  5. When asked where to “Extract to:”, enter the folder name you circled above. Then click on Extract.
    If you get this message, click on NO.

    You shouldn’t be creating a new folder. It means you mis-typed the folder name.
  6. Repeat the installation (steps 3 – 5) on every computer.