Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 5.5a – g

Versions a through g came in rapid succession soon after the release of 5.5. They mostly fixed a number of reports that suddenly started giving inaccurate results when certain filters were applied. A couple of other mistakes were also corrected.

Version 5.5h

This version fixed a problem for our foreign customers who use a currency symbol other than the dollar sign.

Version 5.5i

The Station Roster spreadsheet was cutting off the first word of station types and the first four characters of service categories.

Version 5.5j

Several statistical and hours reports were incorrect when they were run with the option to include records with zero hours. Some were excluding records without placements while others were including records that had been terminated before the reporting period began.

Version 5.5k

Version k is for Vista, a new version of Windows. If you get a new computer with Vista on it, call us and we’ll send you a free CD with version 5.5k. To install on Vista, you’ll need the CD instead of just the patch. We also fixed a typo on one screen.

Version 5.5l

This fixes a rare problem with the Volunteer Description report.

Version 5.5m

Some Word Timesheets had an error when run with certain filters.

Version 5.5n

This fixes an error when copying a Job record while some reference code fields were turned off.

Version 5.5o

This version fixes two rare problems. One was that filters based upon certain station user-defined code fields wasn’t working right and the other problem was incorrect formatting on some rows of the Station Roster Spreadsheet.

Version 5.5p

We have incorporated the new age categories required of Senior Corp Programs on the Volunteer Statistics report.