Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 5.6a

This version fixed an error in calculating the number of volunteers at stations on the Station Roster Spreadsheet when certain filters were applied. It also fixed two problems with Mailing Labels. The labels could not be exported to Excel and some drop down selection boxes were not long enough to show all the choices.

Version 5.6b

This version fixed an error when upgrading filters from version 5.5.

Version 5.6c

This fixed an error in filters when setting the limitation for impact jobs.

Version 5.6d

We changed the calculation and wording of line 18 on the Total Enrollment and Hours report to avoid miscounting terminated volunteers who had served hours earlier in the period of time.

Version 5.6e

Version 5.6e fixes a problem when adding donations at the same time as adding new volunteers or stations.

Version 5.6f

We fixed a number of donation reports that were incorrectly totaling donations of less than one dollar.