Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 5.9a

Fixes a typo in the Upgrade Wizard and automatically corrects inconsistencies in some data that prevents the hours table from indexing completely.

Version 5.9b

Double-checks that you have closed all other copies of the Reporter and/or Touch-Screen Assistant before upgrading your data to version 5.9.

Version 5.9c

Fixed the Reporter to avoid hours with blank volunteer and job names. Also enhanced filters so that you can limit both by hours served and not served during two different periods in the same filter.

Version 5.9d

Added the email address to both the Volunteer Match and Job Match reports.

Version 5.9e

Fix a problem where some people would open the Hours Grid to add new hours and have only one volunteer listed. Also fixed a problem with the Touch-Screen Assistant showing blanks for people currently signed in.

Version 5.9f

Changes the Volunteer Statistics report to include new age groupings for RSVP’s, FGP’s, and SCP’s.

Version 5.9g

Fixes a mistake in filters where you couldn’t correctly filter upon a client’s birthday month.

Version 5.9h

Changes the Volunteer Statistics report to include new annual hour groupings for FGP’s and SCP’s.