Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 6.0a

Fixed an error when creating filter limitations. Also fixed an odd error when you chose to use the volunteer’s group checkbox, but not the volunteer’s group name. You really should either use both the group checkbox and group name, or neither one, but now there is no error if you use one but not the other.

Version 6.0b

This version fixes an error in the calculation of some numbers on the Volunteer Statistics Report. It also fixes a rare bug when running Hours reports that occurs because of the rounding of reimbursement amounts.

Version 6.0c

Fixes an error caused by quotation marks being used in volunteer’s names and addresses.

Version 6.0d

Fixes an error when jumping to the volunteer from stations, jobs, placements, hours, or schedules. Also fixes an error that popped up for a few folks when starting the Reporter.

Version 6.0e

This enables turning off the birth date field for volunteers if you don’t want to use it. It also fixes a problem with some filters not saving their limitations and optimizes the Station Types Wizard.

Version 6.0f

Fixes an error on the Hours Grid screen when you clicked on the sort button. It also enables slashes(//) and square brackets([]) to be used in volunteer’s addresses.

Version 6.0g

Fixes timeout problems some people were having during a send/receive with the Web Assistant.

Version 6.0h

Fixes a problem with the Touch-Screen Assistant showing blanks for people currently signed in.

Version 6.0i

Fixes an error when sorting jobs during a Web Assistant send/receive.

Version 6.0j

Fixes the new volunteer codes 16-20 which weren’t always working correctly.

Version 6.0k

Includes the new version of the Station Roster spreadsheet as defined by the Corporation for National and Community Service in October of 2012.

Version 6.0l

Adds Zip + 4 to Version 1 of the Station Roster spreadsheet.