Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 6.1a

Fixed an error some people encountered when upgrading to version 6.1. The error was 61-7.

Version 6.1b

Fixed an error that happened when sorting jobs to be uploaded to the Web Assistant during a send/receive.

Version 6.1c

Fixed an upgrading error that some people encountered. The error was in file TableTools.prg, line 708.

Version 6.1d

Fixed a mistake with filter limitations for photos. If the filter was set to only inlcude volunteers without a photo, it would skip volunteers who previously had a photo, but then had that photo deleted.

Version 6.1e

Fixed a mistake where if you edit a volunteer, a dash was added to the end of the volunteer’s zip code. It showed up when preparing a spreadsheet of volunteer addresses. Also fixed a mistake where you edit the “mail to” address for a volunteer, but it wouldn’t save.

Version 6.1f

Fixed a mistake when editing a dataset.

Version 6.1g

The Ok button on the the About screen is now more readable and we modified three Inactive Volunteer reports to include all phones and email.

Version 6.1h

A filter based upon the station type limitation didn’t work.

Version 6.1i

Modified the Volunteer Statistics Report to include a second, different age grouping as required by the CNCS for some RSVPs, SCPs, and FGPs.

Version 6.1j

Fixes an error that occured sometimes when trying to print the Volunteer Placements report from the Volunteer screen. It also changes the Job Statistics report to include any modified field names for client counts. This enables reusing some client count fields for other purposes like keeping track of the number of veterans, service members, and families of service members served.

Version 6.1k

Improved the speed of preparing filtered reports, expecially with data sets containing lots of donations.

Version 6.1l and 6.1m

Updated the Reporter to work with MS Word 2013.

Version 6.1n

Included new age groupings on the Volunteer Statistics Report.