Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 6.2a

Prevented the Print pop up menu on the Volunteer screen from incorrectly displaying an outdated report. Enabled editing a date associated with a checked item in a list. Fixed a mistake where Touch-Screen Assistant hours waiting for approval at the time of upgrading from a previous version did not convert correctly into hours and minutes.

Version 6.2b

Added back in the report called Totally Inactive by Volunteer.

Version 6.2c

Updated President’s Volunteer Service Award Spreadsheet to match new format and and fixed a bug in the Touch-Screen Assistant that prevented listing lots of jobs when listing both job and station together.

Version 6.2d

Fixed the Touch-Screen Assistant. At certain screen resolutions, it would not show all jobs if there were more than six.

Version 6.2e

Service Activity Count and Detail reports can now be run either with or without volunteers who have zero hours.