Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 6.4a

Fixed bug when running any of three station MoU reports.

Version 6.4b

Pressing F5 during startup will prevent the toolbar from being loaded. This can help a few people where the toolbar is causing trouble when starting.

Version 6.4c

Maximizing any screen now works well.

A strange problem when adding jobs is fixed. Sometimes, the Save and Cancel buttons went away.

Version 6.4d

When adding hours, the find field is available again as in previous versions.

On the Touch-Screen Assistant screen, when editing hours waiting for approval, it showed the incorrect volunteer and job.

If stations is turned off, you received an error when adding hours via the new Flex Add.

Version 6.4e

When adding placements, the calendar button didn’t work.

When printing Web Assistant applicants, it sometimes left out the last name and second address.

Version 6.4f

Closing the Reporter with the X didn’t save all preferences.

Version 6.4g

Lengthened the available space for the Personal Folder to 254 characters.

Displays the version number and dataset name on the Home screen.

Version 6.4h

Adjusted filters so that limits on an empty date value work correctly.

Fixed a typo on a couple of spreadsheets.

Correctly checks the work date when adding hours against the limits set in Preferences.

Version 6.4i

Auto assigning PINs in the Touch-Screen Assistant didn’t always work.

The default values of value wage and stipend were not being used when adding new jobs.

Version 6.4j

When adding hours one at a time, the check mark for Wants Reimbursement wasn’t showing as already checked.

Version 6.4k

Web Assistant Send/Receive with automatic approval of hours would leave blank job and station names until the next reindex.