Volunteer Software

People Helping People

Version 6.5a

Fixed the Years of Service report because it was reporting all months as zero. Also changed a number of reports that were inserting spaces into email addresses when printed or exported to Excel. Finally fixed a problem when using accelerator shortcut keys (Alt + a letter) that was sometimes running the button twice.

Version 6.5b

We made three changes, two fixes and one new feature.

  1. Popup menus were not always correctly positioned on the screen.
  2. All buttons on the Preferences screen are again working.
  3. We added a new requested feature when adding or editing hours on a grid. If you zero out the hours on an existing hours record, it deletes the record instead of you having to back out and press the delete button. This only works on a grid, you still can’t zero hours when editing them one at a time, the Reporter won’t let you.

Version 6.5c

We made some slight corrections to the changes we introduced in 6.5b.

Version 6.5d

When setting up a filter based upon volunteers, stations, or jobs, you now have a “find” field available.

Version 6.5e

  1. Temporary reporting files (*.ll) were accumulating in the user’s documents folder.
  2. Mailing labels were incorrectly limited to only 4 lines per inch. Now it is back to 5 per inch.
  3. An error when exporting job schedules to Google Calendar is fixed.