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Customizing Awards in Version 6.2. | 6.0 | 5.9 | Ordering Award Levels in the List

Version 6.2 Awards

In version 6.2 the Awards levels are listed in the Field Lists as in v6.0 but now when you are back in the Volunteer Profile you are enabled to add a date to the award as well.

To set up, edit, and add awards levels in the codes see Profile – Field Lists Setup.

To record an award for a volunteer on the Volunteer Profile first click the Edit Volunteer button. In this example the volunteer will receive the Bronze award.



Check the award level; enter and save the date on the window that pops open.



Click OK to return to the main Profile screen.


The award level and date are displayed.


Version 6.0 Awards

The below Awards Overview explains most of the Awards principles and reports. Setting up Awards codes and values in v6.0 is done through the Field List on the File menu. For v6.0 see Profile – Field Lists Setup.

Awards Overview as Seen in v5.9

Reference Codes | Volunteer Codes | Awards


You can Add, Edit, and Delete the codes to suit your organization’s awards system.


Deleting Extra a Duplicate Award Value

Sorry, but you cannot delete this award because it is still being used by volunteer records.


On rare occasions, someone inadvertently has added and used a duplicate listing, for example for the 2000 hours award. To get rid of the duplicate, you can delete the second one. Since that one is being used, however, the code needs to be cleared of those uses. To find who is using it, make a filter.


Filters | Add Filter | name it 2000 hours | OK.

Volunteer Limits tab | scroll to Awards | Highlight Awards | Edit Limitation | select the second 2000 with a click to get the double arrow [>>] next to it. OK. Include Terminated Volunteers | Edit Limitation | Yes | OK. Close filters

Report of Volunteers Using the 2000 Value

Run the Volunteer Address List with the 2000 filter to get the names of those using the 2nd 2000. Print or jot down the names.

Remove the Duplicate from Volunteers’ Records

Edit those volunteers’ records so that their 2000 hours award uses the FIRST 2000 since their identical-looking setting is actually the second 2000 on the list.

  • Find the volunteer in Volunteers.
  • On the Awards/Avail tab click Edit.
  • In This Person’s Awards highlight 2000
  • Remove One

Then in Available Awards, highlight the top 2000 and click Add One. OK.

Do the same with the others.

Delete the Duplicate Value

Now delete that extra 2000 in the Reference Codes menu above:

Reference Codes | Volunteers | Awards | highlight the bottom 2000. Click the Delete button. OK.

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