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There are a couple of different ways to enter Canadian addresses when you work with a predominantly U.S. database. Either:

(1) Set the Zip code format preferences in File | Preferences | Country. Under Zip Code Format, check “Allow for any country’s postal code.” If you use this method, there will be no number checking for US Zip codes. The address will look like, e.g., Sudbury, ON P3E 3A3. The problem with this method is that the country is not listed on the address.

with typical USA preferences:
(2) use the 1st Address field for the street address and the 2nd address field for the City, Province, Postal code, and country e.g.,:
Sudbury, ON P3E 3A3 CANADA
Ignore the City ST Zip fields.

(3) Set a custom code designating each Canadian volunteer so that they can be filtered for special label treatment. Uncheck Needs Mailing Label on Volunteer | Info tab.

Canadian Filter

You would want to separate those Canadian mail recipients because the USPS requires the country name at the end of the address and of course postage to Canada is different than US.

Make a filter for Canadians based on that custom code and Include Terminated Volunteers in the Volunteer limits tab.

When you run the separate labels for the Canadians, set the Canada filter and uncheck “Only include those marked as needing label.”


Alternate Address

Update the volunteer’s address to reflect the seasonal move in case you want to continue sending mailings to that volunteer while he or she is gone:

On the Addr [Addresses] tab, Edit, type a description, e.g., Winter, and the alternate address. Click “Mail to this address.” That address now shows up on the Name tab.

Terminate the Volunteer

With the Reporter you can start and stop volunteers at any time–for example, snowbirds who move south for the winter or north for the summer. Then the Reporter calculates the volunteer’s Years of Service based upon only the person’s actual time worked.

On the Dates tab in Volunteers, Edit, select the Termination Cause, e.g., snowbird. Click the Terminate button and give a new stopped date to terminate the volunteer. [If necessary, add the Snowbird value to the Causes-Of-Termination in Volunteer Codes | Reference Codes.]

Restart the Volunteer

When the person returns to the local address, restart the volunteer and his or her placements and switch the address back to local in the Address tab.