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Our customers tell us that the Volunteer Reporter works fine on Citrix/terminal server applications, but we have no direct experience with it. So, we compiled some basic Reporter installation details to help you make your decisions. We cannot offer any advice about terminal services, however.

While we are neither versed in Terminal Services nor networking, we can give you a quick overview of Volunteer Reporter installation principles, which you can apply to your virtual multiuser installations.

The Volunteer Reporter works on any Windows network as a database using Windows file sharing. The data resides in a shared folder on the server and each workstation runs an installation of the Reporter. The Volunteer Reporter software is not installed on the server where the data resides.

User Rights

Every workstation user needs full read / write access to the data folder. Each user also needs full access to their own temp folder.

Additional Temporary Folder for Reports

In addition, for reports, users need full access to their own Documents folder, which is the common setup. By default the Reporter sets the path for temporary report files to the Documents folder of the user logged in during a typical worksatation installation. When multiple users login to the same Reporter installation, a shared folder for temporary reports is necessary. The path is set for each installation at:

  • File menu
  • Preferences
  • Screen tab
  • Folder for merge and report files
  • Type or browse to an accessible folder.

A good solution is to make a Temp folder inside the shared Data folder. Then the Reporter can access it for all users.

Not routinely, and depending upon the OS setup, occasionally DEP needs to be set to “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select: reporter.exe.

  • Control Panel
  • System
  • Advanced
  • Performance Settings
  • Data Execution Prevention
  • “Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select”: reporter.exe.


Keep in mind that our licensing entitles you to use the Reporter on multiple computers within one location/building, no matter where the actual data is stored. When users access the reporter in multiple locations, even when accessing remotely, an additional license is required for each location. We offer substantial discounts for multiple licenses.