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The new settings for Objective in the Volunteer Reporter refer to the 2012 specifications. Below is a quick list of performance measures required by CNCS in their 2012 document [download official document], but refer to the most current government documents for accuracy and implementation. The new settings for Objective in the Volunteer Reporter refer to these new specifications.

The CNCS website provides plenty of support for implementing the new performance measures.

  • 2014 RSVP Competition
  • Focus area fact sheets for each Focus Area at the bottom of that page: Focus Areas Technical Assistance.

National Performance Measures by Focus Area

  • Education
  • Healthy Futures
  • Economic Opportunity
  • Veterans and Military Families
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Disaster Services
  • Capacity Building National Performance Measures
  • Other Community Priorities

National Performance Measures Within the Volunteer Reporter

In Jobs/Clients

For our customers associated with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), we have included new features to assist in collecting, tracking, and reporting on performance.

  • New job field for “Objective” and “Service Activity,” a subset of the objective.
  • Objectivec and Service Activity are linked to the new Preference setting for specific Senior Corp programs indicating whether you are a RSVP, FGP, or SCP.
  • New checkmark for jobs, “Works with Veterans?”

The subcategories of Objectives are grouped on the list by Objective name first.


Service Activity

The Service Activity choices vary, depending upon which Objective is selected.


Copy and Paste the Objective and Service Activity

Copy the Objective and Service Activity settings to apply to another job/client. paste


The Objective and Service Activity choices can be copied to be applied to another job. The Copy button is available on any job whose Objective and Service Activity choices are already made. When you go to another job which needs the same settings but its fields are currently blank, it has a Paste button. You can use the Copy and Paste buttons without having to click Edit Job/Client.

  • Use Copy from any job with Objective and Service Activity.
  • Use Paste on any job with blank Objective and Service Activity.
  • No need to click the Edit Job/Client button.
  • Only designated RSVP, FGP or SCP have Copy and Paste buttons.

Paste the Objective and Service Activity settings from one job/client to another. paste


These copy and paste buttons become available only when RSVP, FGP or SCP is designated in Preferences on the Customize tab.

Old Service Categories and Old Focus Areas

  • The outdated Focus Areas and Service Categories can be turned off in the Jobs/Clients Profile.
  • If you use the Focus Areas and Service Categories, you verify they are the last ones defined with the Check Service Categories utility on the File menu.
  • To view or print the grouping of the old Service Categories by their respective Focus Areas, open the Field Lists for Jobs/Clients.


Service Categories on the Jobs/Clients Profile reflect previous CNCS Focus Areas. To view the grouping of Service Categories and their respective Focus Areas, open the Field Lists.

Primary Placements – Unduplicated Volunteers

On some reports, the CNCS requires that volunteers be counted only once, no matter how many different jobs they perform. To meet this requirement, each placement can now be marked as being “primary.” The Reporter ensures that each volunteer has only one primary placement and makes it easy to set the primary placement from either the Placement, Volunteer, or Job screen (where you can mark all placements at a single job as being primary).

Special Need Classification for FGPs and SCPs

As usual, Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion Programs may make use of the Special Need list available on the Jobs/Clients Profile. Other users simply disregard that option or turn it off on the Field Lists screen.


Field Lists

Jobs/Clients and Stations (as of v6.1) control their custom fields that display on the Profile tab in the Field Lists on the File menu, in the same manner that the Volunteer Field Lists are customized.


New Performance Measure Reports

  • Service Activity Statistics
  • Focus Area Statistics (to help determine your primary focus area)
  • Hours Served, Summary by Service Activity
  • Hours Served, Summary by Objective
  • Volunteer Primary Placements (for all volunteers)
  • Station Roster Spreadsheet (new version)
  • Volunteer Placements (for a single volunteer record)

Percentage of Volunteers

You can run several statistics reports to include only primary placements. If you choose to do so, you have an additional column showing the percentage of volunteers. We can do this because if we only include primary placements, then each volunteer is only counted once on the report which allows us to calculate percentages. This includes only 4 reports (It does not include Volunteer Statistics):

  • Station Statistics
  • Job Statistics
  • Service Activity Statistics
  • Focus Area Statistics

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