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Send Data

If you are sending data for us to convert, remember that you will not add any new data during the time that we have your data because it will be overwritten when you restore the changed data.

To send us your data, back it up and attach it to an email to us.

  • Close everything but the main menu screen in the Reporter.
  • Click on File | Backup.
  • Click on the little yellow file folder at the right.
  • In the Choose Directory screen, scroll to the top.
  • Click once on the desktop.
  • OK.
  • Check the checkbox checkbox to add the date. The file always used to be named simply VRdata.zip, but as of version 5.7 you can have the date added automatically so that it will not overwrite the previous backup.
  • OK again back at the Backup Data Files screen.

This puts VRdata_20100224.zip [except with the current date] on the desktop.

  • Open a new email addressed to support@volsoft.com
  • Attach VRdata_20100224.zip [except with the current date]
  • Put your city and state in the subject.
  • Send it to us.

Then we can install your data here, test it and work with your more easily to get what you want done.