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A utility built into the Reporter enables you to delete the files attached to terminated volunteers in order to further enable you to delete individual volunteer records. Access it from the File Menu | Delete Old Data.

Make a backup first, into a folder labeled something like “Archived data, hours and placements older than…”

The utility will delete hours, placements, and schedules that are older than a particular date, e.g., two or three years old if you no longer need the information. Or delete all of your data if you have 30 or fewer volunteers in order to start over.

· Hours, placements, & schedules older than __/__/____

It deletes PLACEMENTS and HOURS but not the volunteer. You have to manually delete the volunteer. Delete Old Data does not remove lifetime hours.

It does not delete placements which are still active at the Delete Old Data date. In other words, it deletes only placements that are terminated prior to date.

The terminated volunteers are still in the database with contact information and Lifetime Hours preserved in case the volunteer actually returns to volunteer again.