Volunteer Software

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Hours Report for a Single Station

Stations | choose the station | Print button | Station Hours by Volunteer
Set the time range.
Print/Export | click direct to PRINTER and choose file type.


After choosing the export type, click on the Start button which opens the “Save As” screen. You must save it before you can view it as a different format. From here you can select where to save the exported file and change the default file name. In the lower left of this screen are two check boxes:

Attach the File to an Email

The second checkbox enables you to email the report. If it is checked, your email program will open with the exported file already attached to a blank email. Checking either of these checkboxes is optional and the Reporter will still export the report without either being checked. The exported report is saved as a file on your computer which you can open at a later time or attach to an email you create later.

Check the checkbox: Send exported files by email.

Probably uncheck the checkbox: Open the file in the registered application. If you leave this checked it will simply open the file so that you can verify what it looks like.


A blank email message opens.

  • Click the Attachment paperclip icon.
  • The cursor is blinking in the File name field, ready for you to paste into.


  • Paste the filename into the File name field.
  • To paste, press Ctrl V on the keyboard.


The email is ready to address and complete, with the file attached.