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If  you are using Word Timesheets, this method might work for you. I’ve tried it only with Word 2003.

  • Open the Station and copy the email address. [Highlight it and press Ctrl-C on the keyboard.] It will be waiting on the clipboard.
  • Click the Print button | Word Timesheets [this will make a report specific to this station only.]
  • Select the timesheet from the list
  • Set the date
  • Click the View button
  • File menu | Send to | Mail Recipient (As Attachment…)
  • Paste in the email address [Ctrl-V]
  • After completing or editing the subject and message, Send.

This attaches the timesheet to the email if you use Word as the default editor in Outlook. I’m not sure what it will do in other email programs.

If this isn’t apropos, give us a call and we will try a different approach. If you have questions, please give us a call. We are here M-F 8-5 Mountain Time.