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The Sample Envelope template in the Volunteer Reporter Letters & Envelopes (Volunteers or Jobs or Stations) assumes you are using envelopes preprinted with your return address. If you need to print your return address you can edit a template for that.

Reports | Volunteer Reports | Letters & Envelopes | Sample Envelope | Open for editing in Word | File Save.

  • Select Sample envelope #10 template
  • Open for editing in Word
  • Save as a different name, without the word sample. Close Word.
  • Click Add.
  • Type a Descriptive Name, e.g., Return Address Envelope.
  • Click the yellow file folder button. Browse to the actual file name where you saved it and select it.
  • OK.
  • In the Word Letters and Envelopes list, select the file you just made.
  • Open for editing in Word.
  • Delete the instructional text.
  • Page Layout | Margins | Narrow 0.5 top 0.5 left
  • Press enter several times to move address block down
  • Type return address.
  • Highlight each address line and tab back into position.
  • Save normally.

Note: Volunteers, Jobs, and Stations each have their own envelope template.