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May 13, 2008. When I was exporting Hours Served Summary by Volunteer to Excel I noticed that the totals come out on the wrong lines.

Also on:
Hours Served Summary by Volunteer
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Hours Served Monthly by Volunteer

And a similar result:
Statistics | Total Enrollment and Hours


Can reproduce the problem, but only if I change the Excel option to ignore header lines. This option causes the problem you show.


Following are the default settings for excel spreadsheets which work well, but with no headers or footers or totals. I have chosen it for the default because if they want an excel spreadsheet, they probably want to create their own totals after sorting or modifying the spreadsheet. If headers and totals are included, it can’t be sorted.


The other way to export to Excel that I recommend is to remove the first check mark which makes the second and third checkmarks moot. It produces a nice looking spreadsheet with all formatting. It can’t be sorted, of course. I recommend that you either leave all checks checked or uncheck the first one. Leaving them all check gives the most flexibility, removing the first check looks the nicest.

Of course, producing the spreadsheets from the Reporter instead of exporting reports to Excel is also highly recommended.