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How to Delete Extra Columns in Excel

  • Click column D (Stipend in the screen shot) or whichever your first column is to delete.
  • Hold down the shift key.
  • Scroll right
  • Click the column heading letter of the last column in the group to delete. This selects a block of columns.
  • [See a different way to select the columns below.]
  • Right-click inside the highlighted area.
  • Choose Delete.
  • Now the columns of interest are side by side.
  • Delete the rest of the extra columns or ignore them.

Alternate Way to Select and Delete Multiple Columns

Here is an easy way to delete several columns at a time. Highlight one column on its letter heading and hold down the left mouse button, dragging as far right as you want. Let go. Right-click in the highlighted section and choose Delete from the menu to delete the whole block at once.


Select and Delete Multiple Rows.

  • Select the first row you want to delete.
  • Hold down the shift key
  • Either click the next row [or press the down arrow key on your keyboard or drag your mouse down if there are many to delete]
  • To delete the unwanted rows, right-click in the highlighted are and choose delete.

Add a Column

  • Select the column to the right of where you want the new column.
  • Highlight column [E in this example] [click heading] after Life Hours
  • Insert menu | Columns
  • Label the blank column [the columns will be reordered].



Sort a Column in Excel.

  • Delete extra initial rows if necessary to make sure the first row is either column titles or data.
  • Select spreadsheet: Click the blank cell above the row numbers and to the left of column alpha headings [see arrow in screen shot].
  • Click on Data | Sort menu.
  • Below My data range has choose Header row or No header row, depending upon your spreadsheet.
  • On the Sort by box select e.g., Service Category | Sort order (Ascending or Descending either starts from A-Z or Z-A).
  • OK

Select the whole Excel spreadsheet by clicking the leftmost, topmost blank cell above the rows 1, 2, 3,… and to left of columns A, B, C…


Freeze Panes

To keep titles in sight, divide or split the worksheet by freezing the titles in their own pane. The title pane is then locked in place as you scroll through the rest of the worksheet. /

You freeze panes by making a selection in the worksheet, which you’ll learn how to do in the next section, and then clicking Freeze Panes on the Window menu.

There’s a secret to success: To freeze titles, do not select the titles themselves. To freeze:

  1. Freeze column titles by selecting the row below.
  2. Freeze row titles by selecting the column to the right.
  3. Freeze both column and row titles by selecting the cell that is just below the column titles and to the right of the row titles.

Sum Column

  • Click cell below column.
  • Click the SUM icon.
  • Enter.

Print Row Numbers

  • Page Setup
  • Sheet tab
  • Check: row and column headings
  • [Can Print Preview]
  • OK

Print Selection

  • File | Print
  • Print what: Selection
  • OK