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Filter to Exclude Terminated Volunteers e.g., Include Only Active

By default, the Reporter includes only active volunteers on reports, with the large exception of Hours reports. Active in the Reporter usually means the volunteer doesn’t have a termination date. It doesn’t necessarily mean the volunteer has a placement or hours.

To exclude terminated volunteers in the Volunteer Reporter v5.7, an easy way is to use the choice “Is Blank” on the Termination Date limitation. Active volunteers have no termination date.

Make a filter to Exclude Volunteers.

Filters | Add Filter | name it, e.g.,: Exclude Term. Vols. | Save.


In the Volunteer Limits tab, scroll way down to find and select Termination Date. Click the Edit Limitation button.


Put the dot next to ‘Is blank’ and save the setting.


Ignore that the Reporter automatically puts Yes in the ‘Include Terminated Volunteers?’ field after you set your limitation. It doesn’t seem logical, but the Reporter needs to check that part of the database, but it won’t include them in this case. The Yes always has been checked in the background but you couldn’t see it and now it’s visible.

Now you can use this exclude-terminated-volunteers filter on any hours or statistics report to exclude terminated volunteers. You never need this filter for most other reports because by default most reports already exclude terminated volunteers.