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Filters Quick Overview

You can easily make any filter specific to your need of the moment based on precise fields in the data. Once made, a filter can be used indefinitely on any report. A filter limits the data which appear on reports. After you name a filter, you can set a limitation(s) which focuses on a specific subset of data. Most often you can set enough criteria when running a report so that you do not even need a filter.

There are two steps to creating a filter:

  1. Name it
  2. Set one or more limitations

Create a Filter on Selected Stations

To get any report on only certain stations, make a filter selecting those stations. Then use that filter when you run a report.

  • Open Filters from the top menu.
  • Click Add Filter
  • Name it something appropriate | Save the name
  • On the Station Limits tab, the first limitation, Selected Stations, is already highlighted.
  • Click the Edit Limitations button
  • Select each Station of interest by clicking once to get a double arrow [>>] next to it.
  • On the keyboard you can press the first letter of the Station name to help find it on the list—it may be quicker than scrolling.
  • Save the limitation
  • Next to Selected Stations the Value now says “Some are Selected.”
  • Close Filters





When you run the report, in the Filter field where it says All Records choose the new filter on the Selected Stations. Set the date range, too, before you preview the report.