Volunteer Software

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How to find a volunteer by first name:

From the volunteer screen click on the Find button.find_button


Click on the 1st Name column. The underlined column title indicates the focus and the items are now sorted alphabetically. You can scroll through the list or use the Find field to find the volunteer.


In the Find field type the first few letters of the volunteer’s first name.


Click on Select.


The Reporter opens the record of the selected volunteer.


Using this method you can search on any column in the find grid, just click on the heading of any column. Scroll to the right to see more columns, e.g., Email, and scroll or use the Find text box to locate an email address.

Tip: When you sort a column by clicking its title, the contents arrange alphanumerically. Blanks go to the top. Ctrl-End on the keyboard fast-forwards to the bottom.

The Reporter version 5.7 features a similar grid for searching in Stations.

To investigate returned volunteers’ or stations’ email addresses:

  • In Volunteers or Stations you can use the Find button. find_button
  • Sort on the email address column by scrolling to the right and clicking on its heading.
  • Type a few letters of the problem email into the find field or scan the list for potential problem addresses.
  • Click the Select button to open a highlighted record.