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You can make a custom report by exporting the Volunteer Birthdays and Ages report to Excel and formatting the text large. There are a lot of little steps, but it really is easy.

You can run the report: Reports | Volunteer Reports | Volunteer Birthdays and Ages.

  • Birthday Month: set the month, same in both fields
  • Name: maybe set to First & Last
  • Filter: leave on All Records
  • Sort Order: Birthday Month [this organizes them by day of the month, too]
  • Comment: No comment

Instead of printing it, Export it to Excel so that you can increase the font size before printing.

  • Click the Print/Export button
  • Next to Direct to… click the drop-down arrow
  • Select Microsoft Excel Format
  • Click the Export Options properties button located to the right of the drop-down list.
  • Select the Output tab.
  • Uncheck the “Ignore header lines” option for an Excel report which includes headers.
  • [I don’t know what “Ignore group lines” does—it seems to have no effect with or without it.]


  • Click on the Start button which opens the “Save As” screen.
  • You must save it before you can view it.
  • Select where to save the exported file [My Documents is the default]
  • Change the default file name, if desired.
  • In the lower left of this screen are two check boxes:
    Leave “Open the file in the registered application” checked


  • In the Excel document, Highlight the first row and Bold the header text
  • Select the whole sheet and change the font
  • Expand the column widths by dragging to the right
  • Print Preview to check it — may have to go to File | Page Setup to set it to Landscape orientation