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Volunteer Groups is a tab on the Volunteer screen. A person can belong to one or several groups. You can change the list of groups from the Reference Codes menu.

Handy for keeping track of people other than just volunteers.
You can track board members, media representatives or anyone else. Any person can be assigned to more than one group because your board members might also be volunteers.
If you choose to print labels for more than one group at the same time, the person whose name is in both groups will only be printed once.

Use Volunteer Groups to assign people to various groups they belong to. For example, a person might be a volunteer and also serve on the Advisory Committee. You can assign the person to both of those groups, then print labels for either group and the person’s name will be included. If you choose to print labels for both groups at the same time, the person’s name will only be printed once.


A different use of the word Groups: On the Name & Address tab in the Volunteers section, check Group of Volunteers and enter a Group Name when you have multiple volunteers acting as one record. An example might be a Boys Scout troop. The individual volunteers are not listed.

The Reporter does not provide a place to designate the number in the groups. You could do this in the custom Codes for reference, but the number would not compute in the volunteer hours count. The number of those serving hours in the Group may vary from time to time, so each time you enter hours for the group you will first compute the number who worked that day in the group, multiplied by the hours served, and enter that total. Should you need to get a full volunteer count in your report you can export the report and edit the volunteer count to reflect all the members in the group for any date of hours served.

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