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Registry entry missing or access denied. | Data Type Mismatch


I have installed Volunteer Reporter 5. I have downloaded your import.exe utility from your website. When I attempt to run import.exe I get the following error:

dBASE PLUS Runtime
Registry entry missing or access denied.


The import.exe file has to be in the reporter program directory.

Restarting after the Utility has Jammed end process plusrun.exe

AFTER THE IA HAS JAMMED – instead of rebooting—in-house fix ONLY—
close SoftSell, Import Assistant and VR
(PLUSrun.exe [ = dBase])
Processes tab
click to put processes in order by img
highlight PLUSrun.exe if it is still running
click End Process

SITENO Key field not unique

When there are duplicate numbers, the IA will assign that number to the first duplicate and the same number to the second duplicate, and then assign that number to all those with no numbers as well.


239 – Database Engine Error: Index does not exist.


239 – Database Engine Error: Index does not exist.
Application.cc line:52

I got this error after trying to rerun the utility to capture the cleaning up final image.



Data Type Mismatch

The line number can be looked up to tell which column/field is giving problems.


163 - Error: Data type mismatch. Expecting: Character
C:\Reporter\Program\ImportFunctions.prg line: 433

They can find the data problem by doing half the number of fields first and see if the error happens, if it does, do half those, etc., to narrow it down to the problem area.