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Include Only Terminated Volunteers

By default, the Reporter includes only active volunteers on most reports, with the large exception of Hours reports. “Active” in the Reporter usually means the volunteer doesn’t have a termination date. It doesn’t necessarily mean the volunteer has a placement or hours.

To get a report on ONLY terminated volunteers in the Volunteer Reporter v5.7 & later, an easy way is to use the choice “Is Not Blank” on the Termination Date limitation. Terminated volunteers have a date in the Termination Date field in their records. Active volunteers have no termination date.

Make a filter to Include Volunteers.

Filters | Add Filter | name it, e.g.,: Only Term. Vols | Save.


In the Volunteer Limits tab, scroll way down to find the termination limitation choices.
Click on Termination Date | Edit Limitation button.


The Reporter automatically puts Yes in the ‘Include Terminated Volunteers?’ field after you set your limitation.

You can use this Only Term. Vols filter on any report to get only terminated volunteers. You never need this filter for The Terminated Volunteers report or for Hours served reports when you only want to include the terminated volunteers along with active volunteers if they served hours during the period of the report since the Reporter automatically includes them in those instances.