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Here are the directions for upgrading the Reporter on a network. The Volunteer Reporter works on any Windows network as a database using Windows file sharing. The data resides in a shared folder on the server and each workstation runs an installation of the Reporter. The Touch-Screen Assistant is installed on the sign-in kiosk and also accesses the data folder. All workstations and Touch-Screen kiosks need an upgrade installation with their respective CDs. No installation on the server is necessary for upgrading. The Reporter is typically not installed on the server and the Touch-Screen Assistant is never installed on the server.


Gather Information: Path to the Data & Version #

  • In the Reporter, click on Help | About the Volunteer Reporter.
  • Write down the path to the Data Folder.
  • Note the version of the Volunteer Reporter.

First: Backup the Existing Data

  1. File menu | Backup.
  2. Shut down all but this Reporter and all Touch-Screens to do a backup of the database.
  3. Click the file folder icon to the right of the “Put the backup in” field browse
  4. Scroll up to navigate to the desktop to save the file there [or wherever you prefer].
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click the appropriate box to add the date to the file name (i.e. VRdata_20160201.zip).
  7. If you would like to include attached documents in the backup, check the appropriate checkbox.  This will make your backup file much larger.
  8. Click OK again

Install the Volunteer Reporter Upgrade on the first workstation

  • First make a backup from within the Volunteer Reporter on the first computer.
  • Close the Reporter on all computers.
  • On the first computer, install with the CD
  • Make sure the install location is [C:\Program Files] for 32-bit Windows, or [C:\Program Files (x86)] for 64-bit Windows.  Contact Volunteer Software if assistance is needed.

Upgrade the database

  • Open the Volunteer Reporter on the first computer.
  • When it says your data needs to be upgraded, click OK.
  • If you already backed up your data, click on Don’t backup

Install the Volunteer Reporter on all the workstations

  • Install the Reporter on every other workstation computer.
  • During installation, make sure the install location is [C:\Program Files] for 32-bit Windows, or [C:\Program Files (x86)] for 64-bit Windows.  Contact Volunteer Software if assistance is needed.
  • The data is already upgraded, so no need to do that.

Upgrade/Install the Touch-Screen Assistant on every Kiosk

  • During installation, leave all the existing paths, the Reporter finds them.
  • Click through the wizard to install.
  • Leave the Select Destination Location as it is detected [typically C:\Reporter\].
  • Leave the Start Menu Folder as originally setup.
  • Leave the two icons checked.
  • Open the Touch-Screen Assistant.
  • If you inadvertently changed the program or data path, it will ask for a path to the data folder.
  • If it is not connecting to the data, call us for help in editing the touchassist.ini [800-391-9446]

Feel free to call us with any questions.