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Issue Areas in the Volunteer Reporter are groupings of service categories for reporting statistics to the Corporation for National and Community Service. Service Categories are assigned to Clients and Jobs.

Service Categories by Issue Areas

You can see how the Service Categories are grouped into Issue Areas in Reference Codes | Job/Client Codes | Service Categories. Click Print and choose the Sort Order: Issue Areas. Then print the list for reference.

Stations by Issue Areas Report

The Stations by Issue Area report is designed to answer the requirements for the Corporation’s grant. It provides data “For all stations where hours were served, this lists the issue area, the station, and the number of volunteers.” You can sort it by Issue Area or Station name.

Reports | Statistics | Stations by Issue Area

Filter for Issue Areas

In Filters, the Job Limitations tab does not have a filter limitation for Issue Area, so the way to pull up any report filtered by a specific Issue Area is to select all the appropriate Service Categories in an issue area for the filter.

  • Open Filters.
  • Click Add Filter.
  • Name the filter. Save.
  • In the Jobs Limitations tab.
  • Click on Service Categories.
  • Edit Limitation.
  • Click each appropriate service category to mark them with >>.
  • Close.

Use that filter on any report if you are interested in reviewing which jobs or volunteers, etc., fall into a specific issue area. Make a separate filter for each Issue Area of interest.