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Scheduling by Job Shifts

We have a few customers who set up their jobs creatively by naming their jobs as scheduled time blocks. With that method, they bypass the Scheduling component altogether. They can then customize a Word Timesheet to run with a filter on the day,shift, or job.

Say one station at an annual festival is called Gates. Add that station.

With the Gates station open, add jobs to that station [click the Jobs button when in the station and then ADD] named by their shifts. When you devise your naming convention, keep in mind that jobs sort alphanumerically.

Friday [1] 5/14/10 – 09:30-12:30
Friday [2] 5/14/10 – 12:30-3:00
Friday [3] 5/14/10 – 03:00-06:00
Saturday [1] 5/15/10 – 09:30-12:30
Saturday [2] 5/15/10 – 12:30-3:00
Saturday [3] 5/15/10 – 03:00-06:00
Sunday [1] 5/16/10 – 09:30-12:30
Sunday [2] 5/16/10 – 12:30-3:00
Sunday [3] 5/16/10 – 03:00-06:00


Place volunteers at those jobs in Placements. [Note: If you create placements in the future, as in this example, you may have to adjust your dates in Preferences.]


Report List of Volunteers at Job Shifts

Once the shift jobs are set up in the database, you can get a timesheet report that lists volunteers with their jobs by shift.

This example suggests a blank column to hand record the T-shirt sizes. You can customize a Word merge letter to run with a filter on the day/shift/job in order to produce a list of volunteers and their T-shirt sizes, based on a custom code. It would be a separate report to use alongside the job shifts report.


The Reporter’s manual provides an overview of the process of starting with a template and revising it for a particular use. Help | Reverence Manual | Reference | Reports | Timesheets.

Customize the Sample Hours by Station Template

Reports | Schedules & Timesheets | Word Timesheets

  • Select Sample Hours by Station and save it as a new file
  • Add it into the templates
  • Choose One station per page & All jobs listed when adding in the timesheet [see screenshot].
  • Open for Editing in Word
  • Type or paste in your heading.
  • Customize the table by deleting columns and resizing the columns.
  • Tweak the layout and column headings.
  • Choose among the codes like Station Name, Station Contact, and Station Fax, deleting what you do not want, but keep the <<MonthOf>> code field.
  • Add the merge code <<FirstLast>> into the first column.
  • Add the merge code <<Code15>> into the second column.
  • On the next row precede the codes by <<NextRecord>>
  • Copy the merge field codes from row 2 and paste into each other row [see screenshot].
  • Save it and close.
  • On the Word Letters and Envelopes screen, set a filter if desired and click View to test it.


After saving the Sample Hours by Station template as a new file—like Timesheet Events by Job—and adding it into the templates, Open for Editing in Word and delete the extra columns. Tweak the table to your liking.


Your finished report can bring up all the Friday jobs, as in this example. Or, you could print the jobs by shift or location, depending upon your goal and filter.


Before you run the merge report, set the:

  • Placed as of date
  • the filter
  • and Page Heading*
  • View Sample

*The Page Heading field comes from the <<MonthOf>> merge field, so you can identify each report that is run by specific filters by changing the Page Heading to an appropriate title.