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Live Update Instructions

You can run Live Update from the Help menu any time. Your computer must be connected to the Internet to download the modest sized file. By default the Reporter is set in Preferences to automatically check for live updates every 10 days, but you can change this frequency or check the box not to run Live Update but to notify you when one is available.

  • Close all but the main screen of the Reporter.
  • Make sure nobody else has the Reporter open.
  • Some users on big networks must be logged in with administrative rights.
  • Click on Help | Live Update
  • OK
  • Once your files are updated to the latest patched version the Reporter will restart.
  • Other Reporter users will then automatically get the patches when they open the Reporter.

If you do the Live Update every so often, you will be assured to have the most up-to-date version of the Reporter.

When others open the Reporter after you update it, they will also be updated to the latest version from the Patches folder inside the data folder.

Live Update provide patches to the current version, adding an alphabet letter to the version number for each patch, but the next major version upgrade becomes available only on CD.


Notice in the top left corner on the title bar that is says Volunteer Reporter 60f, for instance, to verify that you are running the latest version. In earlier versions you can check on the Help menu | About the Volunteer Reporter

Set Frequency

You can set it in Preferences to automatically check Live Update daily, instead of the default of every 10 days.

File menu | Preferences | Screen tab | Automatically check for live updates once every XX days.

If your network blocks your access to Live Update, you check the box: Don’t automatically download the updates, just tell me when they are available. Then your IT can login as admin and run Live Update or get the Manual patches from our website.