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Live Update usually runs automatically at the time interval set in Preferences. In addition, you can run Live Update from the Help Menu any time. If, however, when you click on Help | About the Volunteer Reporter you see that you are not running the latest alpha version, you can try running the patch manually.

If you cannot use Live Update for some reason, download, save, and run version appropriate file to patch manually.

These instructions work the same for all versions of patches.

  • volsoft.com/support/patches.htm
  • Click to download the appropriate Patch File
  • Run it
  • Verify in the Reporter | Help | About the Volunteer Reporter that you upgraded to the latest version.

Internet Explorer

In Internet Explorer you can Run the file directly.



FireFox and Other Browsers

Other browsers may have you save it first [the desktop is a handy place]. Then Run it, allowing it to proceed through security prompts.



It makes a change to the C:\Reporter\Program folder [or similar path] and ought to install the patch into the Patches folder inside the data folder on the server. This enables others on the network who use the Reporter to get patched also.

Some users on highly secured networks do not have enough administrative rights to completely run the patch. They might receive the version update number but not the actual patch files. They need to log in as the computer administrator to run the patch. The user can check to see if the latest feature or fix displays in the Reporter.

We would be happy to do this with you over the phone if you like, but your IT may need to give you administrative rights or IT can login as an administrator to install the patch.