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Mailing Labels for Couples

Couples Mailing Labels: Only those marked as needing a label

The Reporter defaults to the Mailing Name when you do labels, but if the Mailing Name field is blank in a volunteer record, it will take the first and last name to produce the label. The Mailing Name is not used as the primary name for any other report.

The Mailing Name field is typically used for couples at the same address. When “Needs Mailing Label” is unchecked on one of the couple’s records on the Info tab and checked on the other person’s. The second person’s Mailing Name includes both names or Mr. and Mrs. [so and so], that way it is set up for only one mailing to go to both of them.

If you wanted everyone to receive a mailing, or to send out birthday cards, for instance, override the mailing name by choosing “First & Last” or “Salutation First & Last” on the Name field and by unchecking “Only those marked as needing a label,” on the Mailing Label dialog screen.

Volunteer Record Setup for Couples

  1. Wife gets no mailing labels
  2. Husband’s Mailing Name is Mr. and Mrs. …
  3. For other uses you will override this, e.g., to send out birthday cards.

Mailing Labels Report for Couples

  1. Reports | Volunteer Reports | Labels | Mailing Labels
  2. Name: Mailing Label
  3. Set the Order [Alpha, zip, etc.]
  4. Set the label size.
  5. Set the Formatting [Postal is all caps, Personal is upper and lower case]
  6. Check: Only those needing a mailing label
  7. Preview

Active Volunteers

This will print mailing labels of active volunteers. By default, the Reporter includes only active volunteers on all reports, with the large exception of Hours reports. Active in the Reporter means the volunteer doesn’t have a termination date.