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Mailed Newsletters to Those Who Do Not Have an Email Address

When sending newsletters some organizations email a digital newsletter to those who have email addresses and mail a printed newsletter to the rest. The Reporter’s Email Messages feature automatically grabs all the email addresses. Make a filter to do labels for those who do not have email addresses.

Filter on Email Address Is Blank

There are two steps to creating a filter:

  1. Name it
  2. Set one or more limitations

The images below illustrate these steps:

  1. Open Filters from the top menu.
  2. Click Add Filter
  3. Name it Print Newsletter | Save
  4. On the Volunteer Limits tab, highlight Email Address.
  5. Click Edit Limitations button
  6. Put the dot next to Is blank
  7. Save the limitation
  8. Close Filters



Use this filter when you run the Mailing Labels report, and the Reporter will pull up the names of only those who do not have an email address [e.g., the email address field in their record is blank].