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Minimum User Rights for the Reporter to Run

Every Volunteer Reporter user [and Touch-Screen Assistant] needs full read/write access to:

  1. the local folder where the Reporter or Touch-screen Assistant is installed, and
  2. the shared data folder (usually on the server).
  3. Naturally, users need full rights to their Temp Folder

LOCAL: Every Reporter workstation-user [and Touch-Screen Assistant application-user] needs full read and write access to the local Reporter\Program folder, which is usually on C. Full read and write permission on their C drive is also useful; at least, each user needs full access to the local temp folder.

SERVER: In addition, each workstation-user needs full read and write access to the shared data folder and enclosed folder(s), which is usually on the local server, shared per workstation-user with Windows file sharing.

Data Sets

To limit a user to a data set or give access to multiple data sets, select File menu | Data Sets | Add | and supply the path to the data set. Refer to Data Set – Create for specifics.

Multiple User/Login Installation – “Folder for merge files and report files”

When the Reporter is installed it sets the default path for the “Folder for merge files and report files” [File menu | Preferences | Screen tab] to the currently logged in user’s own documents folder. This works perfectly for a single user/login on a computer.

When multiple Windows users login to use the Reporter database(s) on a single computer, the “Folder for merge and report files” ought to be set to a different, shared folder on the network. This shared documents folder is not the same as the one the Reporter automatically installs inside the data folder for templates.

Standalone Installation – Reports Not Opening

On rare occasions a user has not had full access to her own documents folder to which the “Folder for merge files and report files” was pointing. Because of this the Reporter could not write the temporary files necessary to open some reports.


Password protection in the Volunteer Reporter is set up right inside the Reporter. You can do it yourself. Go to the File menu | Passwords. Click Yes to “Do you want to use passwords when starting the Reporter?” Refer to the Passwords Overview Tutorial or call us for specifics.