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Volunteer Photos

You can insert photos from your computer onto the volunteer’s record, then print, rotate, crop, and export them. A copy of the photo reduced to 640 x 480 pixels becomes part of the Reporter database stored in a .dbt. Accepted image formats include jpg, .gif, .png, .bmp, .tif.

Drag and Drop

Drag and drop is one easy way to insert photos. Open the folder which stores the images next to the opened Volunteer Reporter. With the Reporter program and image folder windows side by side, in Volunteers, open to a volunteer and drag the appropriate photo from the folder onto the volunteer’s image field. Drop it there. There is no need to click Edit or use the + sign.

The basic sequence involved in drag-and-drop is:

  • Press and hold down the left mouse button or other pointing device button within the thumbnail or file name.
  • “Drag” the object/cursor/pointing device to the desired location.
  • “Drop” the object by releasing the button.


The photos automatically resizes to fit the field.


Insert Image with the Plus Icon

Alternatively, you can click the green plus sign below the photo field to insert an image. Your computer directory opens so that you can browse to the appropriate photo file for the current volunteer record.

  • Either highlight the image and click Open.
  • Or double-click the image.


Crop a Photo

To crop a photo, click and drag a box around the part of the photo to keep.

  • Leave checked: Maintain Proportions.
  • Click the dotted rectangle icon.
  • Draw the rectangle by clicking and holding while pulling the cursor away from the starting point.
  • Click only within the photo frame.
  • Let go and the image completes the crop.
  • Click Save if you are satisfied, otherwise Redo or Cancel.




Click Save, Redo or Cancel.


Image Resolution

The Reporter crops from the already reduced copy of the original, so you may end up with a lower quality resolution than you like. In that case you can crop the image in a graphic editing program and save that modified image to a new file name before you insert it into the Reporter. Always keep your original photo intact for future use. Keep this in mind when cropping a person out of a high resolution group photo.

Other Image Editing Functions

Back on the Volunteer name tab your other choices include rotate left or right and a red minus sign to delete the current image from the Reporter.


Export Photos

To export a photo from the Reporter, right-click the image. On the menu choose Export Photo. Browse to the folder where you want to save it and click Save. The photo automatically names the file by last name, first name.jpg in the same size it is saved in the Reporter.



Volunteer Description Report with Photo

A thumbnail photo prints automatically on the Volunteer Description report along with the name, number, address, phone numbers, email address and starting date, along with whatever other fields you choose to include.