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The Reporter allows you to customize all the geographic requirements for outside the US. You can change City, ST, Zip, as well as Social Security No., to the labels suitable for your country.

The Ethnicity and Racial Group field labels must remain, but some Canadians delete the values and ignore those fields.

The Reporter enables many customizable code fields in Volunteers, Stations and Jobs to suit your organizations unique needs. In the Volunteers section, 15 customizable drop-down fields and combination of 15 total text, date and number fields provide the ability to record unique data you would like to track. The Comments field will hold whatever prose you care to save.

Preferences Postal Code Settings – UK

File menu | Preferences | Country tab

Set Country | Other
rename the Zip Code Field

Preferences Telephone Number Settings – UK

Set Telephone Format | Other
Define phone number as [99999]-999999
(e.g., 5 digits inside brackets, hyphen, 6 digits

Language and Currency

Language and currency entries follow the Windows settings in the Region and Language control panel. Menus, buttons and other program features always display in English, however.

Language – Canada

French Canadians report that the Volunteers section, Preferences, Jobs, & Hours won’t open. The solution is:

Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | choose language | and set the language to English [Canada].


French [Canada]:
Control Panel | Regional and Language Options | choose language: French [Canada] | Customize button | Currency tab | Positive currency format:

Set currency to be $ sign without the space – either of the first two choices: